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AUTOELECTRO AEG1281 Alternator
Vehicle Main Current: for vehicles with 12V main current ;
Alternator Charge Current [A]: 150 A ;
Number of Ribs: 6 ;
Pulleys: with multi-belt pulley ;
Plug Type ID: LIN2, (D) ;
Plug Type: Plug Terminal ;
Number of mounting bores: 4 ;
ArticleState: Normal
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BOSCH 0 125 711 086 Alternator
Rated Voltage [V]: 14 V ;
Alternator Charge Current [A]: 150 A ;
Fastening Type: Double Pivot Lever ;
Alternator type: excl. vacuum pump ;
Rotation Direction: Clockwise rotation ;
Pulleys: with multi-belt pulley ;
Number of grooves: 6 ;
Belt Pulley Ø [mm]: 51.8 mm ;
Length [mm]: 175 mm ;
Recommended additional repairs: V-Belt/V-Ribbed Belt ;
ArticleState: not available
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REMY DRA1111 Alternator
Weight [g]: 6900 g ;
Pulleys: with v-ribbed belt pulley ;
Voltage [V]: 12 V ;
Alternator Charge Current [A]: 150 A ;
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: with integrated regulator ;
ArticleState: in Preparation ;
Technical Information: Fan: IF
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